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Bobbi McBurnie
Bobbi was born on 15 November 2001, and weighed only 1lb 8ozs. Many thanks to Bobbi's family for sharing these pictures and words with us.

"This is me when I was hours old and my
mummy and daddy did not know me yet"

"This is me at six days old and fighting as
hard as I could so that my mummy and
daddy could get to know me and be very
proud of me"

"And this is me 2 weeks before my first birthday and
it's all thanks to all my friends in the wards at Simpsons
for all their hard work and TLC throughout my long stay
with them, but I'm now home with my mummy, daddy,
brother and sister who love me loads"

"And here I am all grown up, now 5 years old. I did a sponsored walk over the Forth Road Bridge, and the picture of me next to the Fife sign is once I was finished."

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