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Emma's mum has kindly sent in these pictures and her story. Many thanks to Emma's family for sharing this with us:

"Emma was born 6 1/2 weeks early due to me developing pre-eclampsia. She was delivered by emergency c section and I didn’t actually get to meet her until she was 3 days old. She developed a pneumothorax and needed an operation to correct this.

We were told by one of the consultants they could not guarantee her surviving this. It was very traumatic. I remember the nurse asking for one drop of breast milk which would help towards her recovery.

I couldn’t believe that some little person could survive on so little. It was a very traumatic few weeks but (born 3lbs 7) she left hospital weighing 4lbs 11 oz.

She now enjoys a happy full life and plays on being a Special Care baby a lot!"


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