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Winging it! has landed

Our very own children's storybook has landed on book store shelves. The book has been kindly donated to the SSCB charity, all profits go directly to the charity to help aid our campaigns.

You can also buy directly from us Winging it! children's storybook.

Special thank you to the following people who have helped make it happen

Doctor Rod Kelly - Author

I'm a former child, and current adult. I work as a paediatrician in the neonatal retrieval service. In between looking after babies in the back of ambulances, I try and think of kids’ book ideas to distract myself from getting travel sick.

I blog at: www.delayingtheinevitablebooks and tweet @rodkelly50

Rod's previous book, "Why Worry William Wasp" was also illustrated by Emma Latham.

Emma Latham - Illustrator

Her style consists of textures and found objects which are jiggled and pieced together to create atmospheric and enticing imagery. She has two main styles; the first is collage based and is tailored specifically towards the children’s book market. The characters that live within the pages of these stories are often deeply influenced by people, animals and childhood memories. The second is 3D collage where extreme light and dark are used to convey layers of themes and messages.

David Springford - Design & production

An experienced Edinburgh graphic designer, motion graphics & photographer.

Scottish Book Trust

Scottish Book Trust is a national charity that believes books, reading and writing have the power to change lives. A love of reading inspires creativity, improves employment opportunities, mental health and wellbeing, and is one of the most effective ways to help children escape the poverty cycle.

Mike Nicholson - Editor & Children's Author

Mike Nicholson is an Edinburgh-based children’s author who has written picture books, early readers and novels for all primary school ages. Many of his books are based on his love of mystery stories and are packed with quirky characters, plot twists and cliffhanger endings.

Alan Windram - Publisher

Alan Windram is the author of the hugely popular Mac and Bob series of picture books as well as A Puppy’s Tale and the amazing robot picture book One Button Benny which is shortlisted for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2019. Alan, along with his wife Susan, run indie children's publisher Little Door Books. Alan was recently Highly Commended as an Emerging Publisher at the 2018 Saltire Literary Awards.

Doctor Rod Kelly & Emma Latham have kindly donated & produced "Winging it!" a children's storybook for Simpsons Special Care Babies charity in aid of the Simpson Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh, at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.


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