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Family Facilities

Family Facilities fundraising charity campaign

Upgrade Details:

Fundraise for SSCB in raising £300k

The Simpson Neonatal Unit provides specialist care and treatment to newborn babies born locally and from outside the area who become ill after birth. Depending on their needs, these babies can stay in the unit for a few days or several months.


Modern neonatal units are encouraged to provide family centred care where parents are encouraged to be with their baby and participate in their care.

When babies are admitted to the neonatal unit it is important to minimise the separation from their parents. In order to support this, accommodation is provided for parents within the hospital.

'Rooming-in' is where a mother who does not require medical care herself (and/or partner) stays in the hospital close to their baby.


Neonatal Unit Facilities

Recent Department of Health Guidance requires neonatal units to have facilities and an environment that caters for the needs of the family. It requires parental accommodation to be adjacent to the Neonatal Unit, family rooms, self-catering facilities including en-suite accommodation and play rooms for children. 

Upgrade to Neonatal Unit

While the neonatal unit at the Royal Infirmary does have some of the recommended accommodation it does not have the full list. In addition, the Unit is now 15 years old and the existing facilities would benefit from modernisation. The unit therefore requires an upgrade to provide compliant facilities for parents and ensure the best support possible for the babies and families under their care.

Funding of upgrade

SSCB has agreed to fund the upgrade of the family facilities within the unit to provide the following: 

  • Overnight, shared en-suite accommodation for up to 6 mothers to stay with their babies

  • 2 x double rooms providing overnight, en-suite accommodation for parents

  • A breast milk expressing room

  • A waiting area for parents/visitors

  • A children’s play area 

  • A parents/visitor’s toilet with baby change facilities

  • A quiet/counselling room for parents with space for up to 5 people 

  • A kitchen/dining area 

  • A parent’s sitting room 

  • An “information hub” – an area or room where parents can access IT

  • Secure lockers for parents to store their belongings


The Capital cost is expected to be £300,000 and SSCB would be delighted to receive donations to help us meet this target. 


The upgraded facilities will make a huge difference to the lives of families whilst their babies are in the unit and we welcome your support in our fundraising efforts.

Donate to SSCB


Donating to SSCB

Funds raised will be designated to the Family Facilities Project. If for any reason the project does not proceed or we are lucky enough to raise more than our target figure, the residual funds will be reallocated to the SSCB General Fund and used in accordance with our core values.

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