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Volunteer with Simpsons

Can you spare a few hours a month?

Clock - have you got time to donate to charity?


We are keen to involve a wide range of volunteers within SSCB.


This is not about donating cash, but encouraging as many as possible to engage with us and contributing your most valuable asset – your time.


We have no prior expectation of exactly how much of your time we would require; but even a few hours a month would make all the difference.

Please note, this excludes having contact with any babies on the unit.

Committee Member

We have a range of activities where your support is invaluable, and we would really appreciate your help.


Should you have the desire and capacity to involve yourself in the role we would be delighted to welcome you as a committee member.

Volunteer with SSCB

Tell us about yourself and we shall be in touch soon.

Consent to Simpsons Special Care Babies emailing me, from time to time, with relevant news about our activities
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