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Parent Care

Welcome to The Simpson Neonatal Unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE)

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Neonatal Care

For most parents, pregnancy is a time of excitement, of planning for the birth and dreaming of a perfect, healthy baby.

However, sometimes babies arrive unexpectedly early, or they can be unwell at birth and require admission to the neonatal unit for investigation and treatment.


Family care in NICU

Care in NICU

How do I connect (bond) with my baby in the NICU?

Virtual Tour of neonatal unit

360º Tour

View our immersive 360º Virtual Tour of the unit

Learn about equipment used in NICU

Equipment FAQ

Be comfortable & understand the equipment in NICU

Preparing for home from a neonatal unit

Preparing for home

Caring for your baby at home after the neonatal unit

Other helpful information

Further tips to help in your journey

Supporting parents and families in neonatal care

Support for parents

Supporting families in neonatal care

Helpful tips from parents and staff while in NICU care

Helpful Tips

Hear from neonatal parents and staff

NICU Journal by parents in neonatal unit

My NICU Journal

Learn & see examples of other NICU parents

Hear from a Neonatal Team


A few friendly faces of the Neonatal Team

Unsure where to begin?

Start with our helpful bonding with your baby

Neonatal Team

Meet the Neonatal Team

A few friendly faces you'll see

Staff NCC
Staff Hilary
Staff Transport Team
Staff Alison
Staff Radiologist
Staff Hester
Staff Neonatal Surgeon
Staff Magda
Staff David Ventilator

Hear tips from the team

Helping you on your NICU journey

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