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Planning to take part in a sponsored event on behalf of SSCB? If so, please let us know as soon as possible*.

We shall send you a fundraising pack and offer our support. We will offer a free SSCB t-shirt to all participants. We will also have SSCB running vests available for those who would prefer one of these.

*To comply with Charity Law, anyone intending to participate in fundraising events on behalf of SSCB must seek permission from the Charity.

Fundraising for SSCB

Tell us about your proposed event and we shall be in touch soon.

Consent to Simpsons Special Care Babies emailing me, from time to time, with relevant news about our activities

Fundraising on behalf of SSCB?

Please ensure any sponsored events or fundraising pages you create are listed for 'Simpsons Special Care Babies'.


We thank you for your support.

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