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Colouring Pencils & Crayons Activity Sheet

Little Creations

Neonatal Wonders

Colouring Pencils Activity Sheet

Little Creations

Every baby is a little creation, and we think that our NICU babies are that little bit extra special. We would like you to share your Little Creations with us;

a drawing, painting or one of our special colouring activity sheets adapted from our very own Winging It! SSCB book, featuring Paul the penguin.

Colouring Pencils Activity Sheet
SSCB Winging It! book

Win our Winging It! book

Email your Little Creation to us or share on social media for your chance to win a free copy of Winging It!

Email us (subject: Little Creations) or tag us with #SimpsonsBabies #LittleCreations

Download the SSCB Colouring Activity Sheets

Colouring Sheets


Individual Colouring Sheets
Glitter on Colouring Activity Sheet
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