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Life Saving Equipment

Purchasing State Of The Art Equipment

Technology moves so quickly that it is often impossible for the NHS to fund all of the newest equipment available. We believe that the fantastic medical staff deserve to have access to the most up-to-date equipment, to allow them to give our precious babies the best possible treatment.

PanoCam Scanner for premature baby eye checks
Circa £73,000

Premature babies are at high risk of retinopathy which can cause blindness – they need their eyes checked regularly due to rapid changes in organ development (in what would have been the last three months of pregnancy) which can put them under a lot of stress – the PanoCam provides a much quicker and safer way to examine them.

SpecSavers fundraising

vCreate Mum and daughter using iPad
Circa £6,750

vCreate is a secure virtual app enabling video messages and photographs of babies on the neonatal unit to be sent to parents. Using six iPads, with four being funded by the charity. Software licence costs were originally supported by the charity.

Supporting families

Equipment Video Laryngoscope 01.jpg
Video Laryngoscope
Circa £40,500

Video laryngoscopes have tiny cameras on them that display the view of the voice box (or larynx) at the top of the windpipe on a screen. A breathing tube is gently passed into the windpipe. SSCB kindly provided funding for video laryngoscopes for use on the neonatal unit.

Funding video laryngoscopes

Vein finder equipment supported by SSCB charity
Circa £3,000

You may think it looks like a virtual reality headset but this machine is designed to help medical staff to detect difficult veins, a common challenge when dealing with premature babies in particular.

Criticool equipment purchased by Simpson charity
Criticool Cooling System
Circa £12,000

To reduce the risk of brain damage for babies who are deprived of oxygen at birth, this machine induces therapeutic hypothermia which improves survival and the neurodevelopment outcome of babies who have suffered from a lack of oxygen.

Charity funded equipment to scan premature babies eyes
Circa £112,000

This machine allows medical staff to screen premature babies eyes in a non stressful way allowing staff to make more accurate diagnosis.

Premature baby charity purchased equipment

We have also purchased tilting cots for the unit, cosytherm mattresses, large cots for multiples and breast feeding chairs for mothers as well as breastmilk fridges and freezers.

Transporting premature babies incubator equipment
Transport Incubator
Circa £120,000

Any parent who has had a baby in the unit requiring treatment at another hospital will appreciate the risks associated with moving their sick baby. We have purchased the latest transportation incubator to help allow babies to be transported as safely as possible for life saving treatment elsewhere.

Oxygen saturation equipment bought by Simpsons baby charity
Oxygen Saturation Monitors
£1,000 each

The unit is keen for babies to go home with parents as soon as it is safe as they usually thrive in their home environment and families can return to some state of normality. The unit uses oxygen saturation monitors to assess the breathing and heart rate of the babies before discharge and in the home to help staff determine when oxygen is no longer required.

Neonatal transport equipment funded by Simpsons charity
Circa £14,000

This is a smaller version of the Criticool Cooling System used by the neonatal transport team.

Baby respiratory equipment fundraised for SSCB charity
SMART Training System
Circa £3,750

The SMART system provides objective and immediate feedback on face mask ventilation technique: in terms of mask leak and other important respiratory parameters

Premature baby brain monitor equipment
CFAM Monitor
Circa £17,000

This machine measures brain-wave activity and can be used to assess for brain injury and seizures.

Your donations make a difference

Above is a selection of equipment that continues to help all babies and staff.

With the support of past, present & future donations we shall continue to help the Simpson Neonatal Unit.

But you don't just have to donate, learn more about how you can help by getting involved.

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