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nicu journal baby book diary

My NICU Journal

Baby Book Diary for premature babies

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Your NICU Journal

Recording your neonatal journey

Simpsons Special Care Babies are touching on an inspiring and heartwarming project born out of dedication and compassion. Meet Nicola Bradford, a NICU Nurse, who embarked on a remarkable journey while pursuing her Postgraduate Degree. Her creation, the 'NICU Journal,' serves as a beacon of light for families navigating the complex world of Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

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Nicola's Vision

Nicola's vision was clear: to champion family centred care by offering parents a precious outlet for reflection through the art of mindful journaling. In an unfamiliar and challenging environment, these journals provide an invaluable support for parents: a safe space where they can process the rollercoaster of emotions.

Example Journals

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Cherished Keepsakes

These journals are cherished keepsakes that capture not only the hope but also some of the hardest moments of the NICU journey. Nicola and her colleagues understand that every family's experience is unique, and so the journals are a canvas, waiting to be filled with each family's personal narrative.

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Example Journals

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Baby Diary Features

Inside these journals, you'll find pages dedicated to help parents understand the intricate language of the NICU, with 'ABCs of the NICU' offering insights into common terms used within the unit. Practical tools like a table for recording weigh-ins ensure that families can actively participate in their baby's care.


The heart of the 'NICU Journal' lies in the spaces provided for parents to share their insights, documenting their baby's progress and marking significant milestones with words or pictures. It's a beautiful synergy of professional expertise and parental love, encapsulated within the pages.

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It is the most difficult thing in the world having a baby in the NICU. Your mind is all over the place all the time and it is difficult to remember details. The journey is full of ups and downs, and it [journal] helps you follow their progress and keep you on track when your world is upside down.

Parent feedback

Example Journals

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Baby Book Illustrations

Adding to the charm of these journals are the beautiful illustrations provided by Dr. Maggie Frej, Paediatric Registrar, who creates visual stories that resonate with the heart.

The creation of the 'NICU Journal' is a testament to the power of community and compassion where the project is fully funded by Simpsons Special Care Babies. A shining example of how collective efforts can ensure the unit continues to be progressive and successful in providing the very best support for the families who enter through the doors of The Simpson Neonatal Unit.


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