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basket of hand made knitted dolls with wool

Baby Dolls

Free Doll knitting pattern

Free baby doll knitting pattern

Easy to knit and with the addition of a time lapse video to show how it is sewn up, our knitted dolls in DK man made yarn and filled with polyester stuffing.

baby dolls knitted in yarn

Why a knitted doll?

In recognition of all the babies born prematurely all over the world, we have a delightful first baby doll pattern for you to knit.

We would ask that you use yarn in a variety of skin tones and a complementary colour for the hat and body suit. The head and body are knitted in one piece and it is softly filled with polyester stuffing. There should be no additional adornments such as buttons and all sewing up should be fastened off securely.


Please use new yarn and 100% polyester filling.

While we appreciate that knitters have different abilities and as these are gifts for babies and families who have gone through so much, we would appreciate a high quality of knitting and sewing up. 

All sewing MUST be fastened securely.

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Where to donate your knitted baby doll

Please ONLY donate if you have used our free knitting patterns and adhere to our requirements. Please enclose with your package your name, email address and/or home address with the quantity made. This will allow us to contact you with our thanks:


Simpsons Special Care Babies

PO Box 12258

North West DO

Comely Bank Road



Thank You

Basket of knitted dolls

Knitted in stocking stitch

Easy to knit and with the addition of a time lapse video to show how it is sewn up, our knitted dolls in DK man made yarn and filled with polyester stuffing.

Our free knitting pattern for baby dolls:

Knitting Doll pattern

Making your dolls

Our dolls are knitted in stocking stitch and to make them you will need:



DK yarn in a skin tone

DK yarn for the suit and hat (You can knit 2 colours, one for contrast)

3.25 knitting needles

Polyester filling

A wool or tapestry needle

Small amount of black and pale pink yarn for eyes and mouth


Body & Head

Using the skin tone yarn, cast on 20 sts

Knit 1 row

Next row ; increase in every stitch (40 sts)

Work 21 rows in stocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl)

Change colour

Work 30 rows in stocking stitch

Next row

*K2 K2 tog repeat from * to end ( 30 sts

Next and alternate rows purl

Next row

*K1 K2 tog repeat from * to end ( 20 sts)

Next row

*K2 tog, repeat from * to end ( 10 sts) 

Purl 1 row and draw up

With right sides together, sew back seam to top of head, changing colour when you get to head

Fill softly

Gather up the cast on edge and finish securely

At neck, wind yarn round 3 times and fasten securely


Arms (make 2)

Cast on 16 sts in body colour

Work 11 rows in stocking stitch

Change to skin colour

Work 6 rows

Next row *K 2tog, repeat from * ( 8 sts)

Draw up stitches and sew seam

Stretch before filling softly, gather up cast on edge, sew at side close to neck and secure at wrist to side of body



Cast on 40 sts

Knit 2 rows in garter stitch

Cast off

Stretch to cover neck edge at front and diagonally to wrist, sew securely at both ends

Sew securely at both ends and length of scarf


Cast on 40 sts

Work 4 rows in garter stitch 

Work 14 rows in stocking stitch

Next row * K2, K2 tog repeat to end of row ( 30 sts)

Next and alt rows purl

Next row * K1,K2 tog repeat to end of row ( 20 sts)

Next row *K 2 tog, repeat from * to end of row ( 10 sts)

Work 6 rows in stocking stitch

Draw up stitches, sew seam, stuff pom-pom and wind yarn round pom-pom to secure

Do not sew hat on at this stage



Put hat on. With pins, put one midway between hat and neck for nose

Put 2 pins either side of nose for eyes and one pin to mark mouth position

Remove hat

With a large length of skin tone, secure at top of head, work 3 satin stitches for nose, secure at top of head

With a large length of yarn start a top of head with a knot and a back stitch, sew through head to eye position and make one stitch, thread back through head and pull. This makes an indentation for the eye socket. Repeat for other eye. 

With a pale pink yarn, sew 2 satin stitches for mouth making sure not to pull tight. Fasten at top of head.

With black yarn sew French Knots for eyes, going in through top of head.

Put hat on with a little filling and sew to head round brim.


SSCB Knitting Dolls
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How to Make

Watch our time lapse video or steps below

Follow along with our detailed video with tips from Elaine