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Knitting for premature babies

Knitting & Sewing

Free knitting patterns for the Neonatal Unit

Knitting Measuring Tape

Knitting for premature babies

Over many years the staff of The Simpson Neonatal Unit have been very appreciative of the generous and talented knitters who have donated ventilator hats, jackets and blankets for the very smallest and sickest babies in their care.


However, with the onset of the Covid infection, the unit were required to refrain from taking in knitted items as they could not be washed at the high temperature which was implemented by the NHS. It has been unfortunate to have to turn away all the volunteers who have contacted the unit and the SSCB charity who work their magic with yarn and needles.

Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles
Knitting Pin Cushion

Knitting & sewing for charity

But it is very exciting for us as a charity to announce a new knitting initiative which will be of benefit to the babies and parents in neonatal care.


We have a range of free knitting patterns designed especially for us which will be offered to parents on discharge from the ward and also used in our fundraising campaigns and events.


Please use new yarn and 100% polyester filling.

While we appreciate that knitters have different abilities and as these are gifts for babies and families who have gone through so much, we would appreciate a high quality of knitting and sewing up. 

All sewing MUST be fastened securely.

Please enclose with your package your name, email address and/or home address with the quantity made. This will allow us to contact you with our thanks.

Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles

Free charity knitting patterns

Knitting for premature baby charity

Our monthly new knitting patterns for free and available to download.

SSCB Knitted Red Alert Hat
Medium & Large

Red Alert Hat

Both term and preterm babies can develop hypothermia in the first few hours of birth. Red alert hats may be worn by babies who require closer observation, possibly if they have complications such as jaundice, a respiratory condition or low glucose levels.


Simpson the Snowman

We would like to introduce to you Simpson the Snowman, knitted in Garter Stitch in 3 sizes using DK yarn.


Car Seat Blankets

SSCB car seat baby blankets in 2 sizes, knitted in garter and Andalusian stitches.

Baby Hat with knots free knitting pattern

Baby Hats

Pull on baby hat with knots, garter stitch free knitting pattern.

Knitting Baby Dolls pattern

Baby Dolls

Easy to knit and with the addition of a time lapse video to show how it is sewn up.

Knitted Baby Jacket free knitting pattern

Baby Jackets

This little jacket for three to six months is a very basic pattern in garter stitch and stocking stitch with only one buttonhole on the tab fastening.

Crochet baby jacket and crochet baby beanie hat with brim

Crochet Patterns

Beautiful jacket & hat patterns. Sets of a jacket and a matching hat will be most welcome.

Knitted Beanie Hats with hearts for babies

Beanie Hats with hearts

Our two Beanie Hats have 2 variations - one has a single heart for love and a roll brim and the other has three hearts, one for the baby, one for the family and one for the Neonatal Unit and a rib band.

Stay in the loop

Keep informed of our free knitting patterns.


If you wish to register with us as a volunteer knitter/crocheter, please contact us, choose ‘Knitting/Crochet’ and tell us your ability; beginner, intermediate, experienced.

Thank you.

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Knitting Pin Cushion
Knitting Needles
Knitting Needles

Where to donate knitted baby clothes

Please ONLY donate if you have used our free knitting patterns and adhere to our requirements. Please enclose with your package your name, email address and/or home address with the quantity made. This will allow us to contact you with our thanks:


Simpsons Special Care Babies

PO Box 12258

North West DO

Comely Bank Road



Thank You

Knitting Measuring Tape

Other charities for knitting donations

You may wish to consider donating knitted items to one of the other ‘baby’-related charities, namely Held In Our Hearts (formerly SANDS Lothians) and SiMBA (Simpson Memory Box Appeal).

Both charities are currently accepting donations of knitting and sewing, although you should bear in mind that they only accept certain items – details of these, including downloadable patterns can be found on their respective websites:

Held In Our Hearts

Held In Our Hearts (formerly SANDS Lothians) or follow on Facebook


SiMBA knitting

Wish to make a donation?

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