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Baby Hat

Free pull on hat with knots knitting pattern

Free baby hat knitting pattern

SSCB garter stitch pull on hat with knots.

Knitting baby hat with knots

Pull On Hat With Knots

These hats will fit 6-12 months and will be offered to babies on discharge from The Simpson Neonatal Unit as a reminder of their stay.


Please use new yarn.

While we appreciate that knitters have different abilities and as these are gifts for babies and families who have gone through so much, we would appreciate a high quality of knitting and sewing up. 

All sewing MUST be fastened securely.

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Where to donate your knitted baby hat

Please ONLY donate if you have used our free knitting patterns and adhere to our requirements. Please enclose with your package your name, email address and/or home address with the quantity made. This will allow us to contact you with our thanks:


Simpsons Special Care Babies

PO Box 12258

North West DO

Comely Bank Road



Thank You

Baby pull on hat with knots knitting pattern

Making your baby hat

To make you will need:



50g DK yarn, preferable in white, cream, baby pink and baby blue

4mm knitting needles

What to do:

Cast on 40 sts

Work 6 rows in stocking stitch, starting with a purl row (This will allow the brim to curl up)

Continue in garter stitch for 50 rows


Next row knit 10 stitches and put remaining 30 sts on a needle holder


Knit the 10 sts in garter stitch for 40 rows

For next 4 rows K2 tog at both ends of row

Next row K2 tog and fasten off


Join yarn to 30 sts on needle holder and cast off 20 sts

Work the remaining 10 sts as before

Repeat the above


To make up:


For the best finish, with right sides facing, sew up the 3 straight sides with a flat seam and round the ties with a whip stitch.

Pull the long ends to stretch and tie each one in a knot.

On one of the sides leave a gap of 3cm so that a label can be sewn in.

If you knit a coloured hat, please can you supply a small amount of the yarn used so the hat can be completed.

Wish to make a donation?

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