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Visual Fundraising Gift Giving Tree

Make a difference this Christmas

Your donation to SSCB charity

Gift Giving Tree

Your donation supports the SSCB charity.


The Gift Giving Cards illustrate how your donation helps us, and like the Gift Giving Tree above brings a little sparkle from your kind support.

Giving Tree - Star Mist


Sibling Bags

Help fund parts of the bag, including: bottle, book, teddy, pens, journal, colouring book, canvas hand/foot prints

Giving Tree - Shooting Star



Material for beautiful, handmade cotton quilts to keep babies comfortable in their incubators

Giving Tree - Gold Star



Support the license cost for a month helping all families benefit from the amazing tool keeping loved ones in touch

Giving Tree - Bauble


Memory Making

Supplies for family memory making: photo paper, printer inks, frames

Giving Tree - Robin Bird



Additional cameras for the family memory making team

Giving Tree - Gold Star


Oxygen Monitor

Allow parents & baby to get back home together quicker and safely monitor their loved one

Giving Tree - Star


Craft Making

Family memory making for Mother & Father Days, Special occasions throughout the calendar year

Giving Tree - Robin Bird


Community Team

Support the team with additional SatNav equipment helping the community team save valuable time

Giving Tree - Gold Star Burst


Saturation Monitor

The unit uses oxygen saturation monitors to assess the breathing and heart rate of the babies

Giving Tree - Shooting Star


Bed Linen

Help families feel a little comfort from home when staying over in the family unit rooms with new linen

Giving Tree - Robin Bird


Breast Pump

Fund additional breast pumps to support mothers in the unit or at home

Giving Tree - Gold Star Burst


Parent Care

Comfortable reclining breastfeeding chair

Giving Tree - Shooting Star



Reading to your baby helps both parents & baby, fund additional books for the library

Giving Tree - Gold Star



iPad with case - allowing families to stay connected virtually 24/7

Gift Giving to Charity

Whatever the size of your donation, make a difference this Christmas and support Simpsons Special Care Babies charity in enhancing the Neonatal Unit at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Hospital.


Your donation supports life saving equipment, staff in ground breaking training for neonatology, funding research & helping parents to care for their baby in neonatal care. Your donation will contribute to the General Fund used to support all of the above areas by SSCB.

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