Supporting Parents

Support and Advice for Families, parents and carers

Having a baby in the neonatal unit can be the worst and most frightening time for any family and the stay can be a lengthy one. We want to improve facilities for our families and provide information and other practical help. We are always willing to listen to ways that we can best provide this support.

Supporting parents & babies with welcome packs in neonatal care
Parent Welcome Packs

We appreciate that the neonatal unit can be daunting for parents with the noise of machines, alarms and babies crying. You may also feel that you are being watched by the nurses who are helping you to care for your sick baby. 


To help parents adapt to this new and often unexpected environment we helped facilitate a welcome pack produced by the neonatal staff. It contains a host of useful information on how to help care for your baby when in the unit as well as practical items such as a water bottle to help keep you hydrated, car parking voucher & cool bag for transporting breast milk from home.

Baby hand & feet making memories of premature babies
Hand & Feet Memories

We help parents create lasting memories with their baby whilst in the unit by supplying arts and craft material so that parents can create pictures and imprints of their new baby’s hand and footprints.

Supporting families & babies in Simpson Neonatal Unit
Seasonal Cards

Events such as Mother’s day, Father’s day and Christmas are often taken for granted but when you are a parent with a baby in the unit, these dates can be  particularly difficult. To help brighten up these days we provide the nurses with material to make cards for the babies to give to their parents.