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To help celebrate the 25th World Book Day (3rd March 2022) and the importance of reading to your baby, we are giving away 25 copies of our Winging It! SSCB book.


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Spending time in a Neonatal Unit can be overwhelming and is often a surprise. It's totally normal to feel a bit helpless, sat there surrounded by nurses, doctors and NICU staff.

As those of you who have spent time in the unit will know, we really encourage parents to be as involved in the care of their baby as possible. But, we also know that spending long hours by the side of an incubator can be difficult. Reading is something that is not only incredibly powerful for a baby, but for parents too.

Find out more about the benefits of reading to NICU babies.

World Book Day said: 

We want to see more children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them.

The evidence base shows there are 6 building elements which support a child to read for pleasure

  1. Being read to regularly

  2. Access to books at home

  3. The ability for children to choose what they want to read

  4. Having trusted adults and peers sharing and recommending books

  5. The reading experience being enjoyable

  6. Designated time to read

These 6 elements shape and guide everything World Book Day does.

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