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SSCB Edinburgh Charity


SSCB is an Edinburgh charity which is run 100% by volunteers, many of whom have experienced life in the unit.
We exist to ensure that all babies admitted to the Simpson Neonatal Unit receive the best possible care.

Virtual Tour Simpson Neonatal Unit

360º Virtual Tour

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Nǐn Hǎo, Salaam!

Now available in 15 languages

See & hear the unit with our immersive Neonatal Tour


Red Alert Hat

Help volunteer by knitting

Both term and preterm babies can develop hypothermia in the first few hours of birth

NICU Journal recording your neonatal journey

Your NICU Journal

Recording your neonatal journey

Personalised Animal Letter Infant Bodysuit with custom name & date Blue


Babygrow with custom Name, Date & Animal


"It is impossible to understate the value of the support that our service receives from SSCB. It enables us to aspire to excellence in all our activities. Being able to purchase the most up to date equipment..."

Prof Ben Stenson

Neonatal Unit Liaison

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