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Anya was born October 2010 at 23 weeks and 6 days gestation, after pprom at 23 weeks and 3 days. She weighed a teeny 655g. She had great strength and determination, and she really just needed to grow. During Anya's journey, she had a Grade IV IVH, and laser surgery for ROP. She also had many of the usual preemie problems.

Anya finally came home after 136 days, in March 2011, to be with her big brother and sisters. Having her at home has been wonderful. She has inspired us all with her stubborness, and humour.

Just before Christmas 2011, we were told Anya had hemiplegia on her left side due to the IVH, but this is very mild, and with the help of physio and frustration, this is only holding back Anya very slightly. She is an amazing little lady. She is such a chatterbox, and we hope that she will be walking independantly around Christmas time.

We can never thank everyone at Simpsons Neonatal Unit enough for everything they done to help save our precious girl.

Attached is a photo of Anya, not long after birth, at her 1st birthday and at her second birthday.


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