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We received the following e-mail from Ann, Dani's mum. This is Dani's story which she has kindly shared with us, and sent some photo's to go with it as well. Thank you so much to Ann and Dani for allowing us to publish this.

My name is Ann and my daughter Dani was born in Simpsons in September 1989. It is her 20th birthday next month and we thought it would be nice to share our remarkable story with families who may be embarking on a similar journey.

Dani was born 3 months premature, weighing only 1lb 9oz, she spend all three months in Special Care and came home two days before Christmas by finally reaching her 'time to go home' weight of 4lb. Dani was a bit of a celebrity appearing in the local papers as well as receiving her first cuddle on national television for a documentary about premature babies (under instruction from Ian of course). After a few years of poor health and a few war wounds Dani finally seemed to move on and now at 5' 8" she leads a happy normal life. She is currently in 3rd year at St Andrews University, and we are all so proud of her achievements now and throughout her life.

We would like to acknowledge Ian and his team for all their dedication, we know without them Dani would never have survived. It's been a remarkable story for us and I would like to thank everyone who made this celebration possible. Please take from this story hope and encouragement, we wish you all the very best for the future.

Here are some before and after pictures of Dani.


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