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Fundraising with socially distanced doorway photography

Diana Baker, who runs Diana Baker Photography, has generously focused her time during this challenging lockdown period on raising money for Simpsons Special Care Babies. By offering ‘socially distanced’ doorway photography of families, Diana has raised a staggering amount of over £2000.

I have always said that I love what I do so much that, if I could I would do it for free, I would. Now that I have the time while lockdown is on, I decided to do just that.
Ever since meeting Virginia (SSCB’s dedicated charity secretary), I’ve wanted to help the unit wherever I could.
Many of my clients have had babies in the NICU, and the support that the nurses and doctors give to not only the babies, but to the mums and dads is amazing and so inspiring.
My heart is so full hearing about all the amazing stories from parents who have benefited from the efforts of the Simpson Neonatal Unit, and the community of support that SSCB are building. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to do what I can for you all, thank you so much.

Diana Baker

We thank Diana from the bottom of our hearts for raising money for the charity and the unit, but also for bringing a little bit of joy to a very challenging time for so many families.


Or learn about the amazing stories Diana speaks so fondly of with our family stories.



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