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Great Scottish Run 2018 Fundraising

A huge thank you to Gordon who raised on behalf of Simpsons Special Care Babies £786 in sponsorship taking part in the Great Scottish Run 2018.

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Gordon's story:

Our first grandchild was born in the beginning of August 2018, 9 weeks premature. Riley weighed in at 3lb 7oz. Our daughter Kim, was in and out of St Johns hospital Livingston suffering from high blood pressure before being diagnosed with preeclampsia.
Her condition deteriorated and the decision was made to deliver Riley by C Section. Within 24 hrs Riley was diagnosed with a pneumothorax and had to undergo an operation to remove fluid from his lungs. He was placed on a ventilator where he remained for 4 days.
Riley stayed in the Simpsons unit for a total of 10 days before being transferred to St Johns where he remained until the beginning of September before being allowed home.
The care both our daughter and grandson received from both the Simpsons unit and St Johns was amazing. A huge thank you.
Gordon (John) and Carol



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