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Our first daughter, Isla, was born at 32 weeks in July 2009, weighing 3lbs 13oz.

She spent 3 weeks in neonatal before coming home with us. She was remarkably well, for being born at 32 weeks. She had anaemia and no suck reflex so was fed through a tube initially. She suffered from gastro reflux and delayed walking. (She didn't walk until she was two and a half, but was an expert bottom-shuffler!)

There have been no ongoing health issues and Isla is now a happy, healthy 10 year old.

We have always been immensely grateful for the care given to all of us at Simpsons. All staff were kind, caring and gave us the information and support we needed, including emotional support at a really difficult time for us.

Well done Team Simpsons. We are delighted to see how you have helped other families like us.


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