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Laura's NICU journey

Laura Martin is a huge supporter of the SSCB charity, having fundraised on several occasions, written about her experience & the benefits of reading to your baby. She has kindly shared her journey as part of further fundraising at her Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Laura's journey in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU):

Full video (by chapter)


Laura's Story Reading in the Neonatal Unit

When I had Lila at 30 weeks she was in a very bad way. Doctors didn’t expect her to live and if she did, what the effects of her start would have on her.

When you are confronted with that as a mother you feel terrified, but you start to immerse yourself in the practical aspects - mainly commitment to pumping sessions and kangaroo care.

I watched as my husband felt completely powerless throughout the whole journey - the fast and traumatic arrival, the labour room resuscitation and the resulting care Lila received...

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View Laura's NICU journey by chapter:

Experience (1/6)


Remembering (2/6)


The Little Things (3/6)


SSCB Charity (4/6)


Fundraising (5/6)


Advice (6/6)


Learn more about our Teddy Bears' Picnic fundraising campaign for Simpsons Special Care Babies charity.


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