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Nobody believes me anymore when I say that this little chubber was premature but at 35+2 she decided she'd had enough of cosy womb life and instead wanted to come out and see everyone! So a long 2 days later, out shecame!

We were lucky that Maisie was the "biggest" baby in the NICU at 5lb 1.5oz and she only had to stay there for acouple of nights. I can't imagine what it would've been like if she was hooked up to all those machines for muchlonger. We didn't even get to hold her until around 16 hours after birth which was long enough thanks very much!

So grateful to all the lovely NICU staff at Simpsons for the awesome care they gave our little baba which meansthat now she's scoffing food like a trucker, going to nursery without a backwards glance at her mum and just generally being pretty awesome!

Lauren x


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