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Franky & Freddy

Our identical twins Franky & Freddy were born at 29 weeks due to severe SIUGR (Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction). I remember being told throughout the pregnancy that we should be aware that the twins were likely to arrive early so we should prepare ourselves, but of course, nothing really can.

Our boys were born via emergency C-section in Glasgow. We were seeing a fetal consultant there. ‘Twin 2’ (now, Freddy) was showing problems with his heart rate and so it was decided that they would be brought out that day.

We were transferred to Edinburgh after 10 days in Glasgow’s Southern General NICU. It’s all a bit of a blur - I’m sure I’ve blocked it out for a reason. But, what I do recall very clearly, was the care given by the staff. The staff primarily treated me like a mother, not just someone who was visiting a little baby. They helped me keep up to date with what was going on, answered all my questions – even when it felt like I was asking thousands of them. They explained in great detail what was happening with the boys. They calmed my nerves in terrifying times and wiped my tears when I needed them. The personal touch given to Franky and Freddy’s care has never been forgotten to this day.

The boys had a relatively steady 3 months in the unit and we got Franky home on their due date and Freddy home 19 days later with oxygen. Freddy is still under care from different doctors due to a brain condition that was found during a trial MRI.

Both twins are now thriving and doing fantastically. They’re very much the comical duo as the nurses predicted would be. I hope that anyone in a similar position can feel a little comfort knowing that even though it’s a whirlwind of emotions, the care provided by the staff can really help an incredibly tough journey.


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