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Quinn was admitted to the high dependency unit of Simpsons Neonatal within hours of birth at 6lbs 5oz, having been born over four weeks early with respiratory problems. We were encouraged to go down to see him as early as we could and the supportive nurses in the unit facilitated as much skin to skin as was possible in those first few hours of him being earth side.

Over the next few days, he was cared for admirably by a multitude of staff who have all the time in the world for both the babies in their care, and their bewildered, emotional, hormonal, parents despite being under incredible pressure to take care of so many babies at what is such a critical time in their wellbeing. One member of staff even took the time to make a special pass for his big brother which was really kind.

I always felt informed and supported after each staff handover and consultant visit and was both encouraged to be with him as much as I wanted, as well as ensuring that I was doing ok and taking time to myself if I needed it.

The facilities they offer to parents to ensure we can spend as much time with our poorly littles were very much appreciated - particularly if you are trying to establish or maintain breastfeeding. We can't thank the team enough for getting our boy out and home with us ready to start life as a family of four.


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