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Scottish Simulation Course - Testimonial

The SSCB helped fund Dr Vix Monnelly MD, Neonatal ST8 Grid Trainee for the Scottish Simulation Course in February 2019.

I attended the Scottish simulation course in February “An introduction to simulation”. Over the course of 2 days I was expertly guided through the complicated field of simulation; unpicking the benefits of low fidelity versus high fidelity, how to write learning objective, the importance of choosing good learning objectives, how to run a simulation (smoothly), and the art of debriefing after a simulation.
This course was particularly valuable because simulation improves team working and can result in better outcomes for babies and families. I can use this experience to input into our local simulation programme, help devise structured simulation scenarios with pre-specified standardised achievable learning outcomes and enable all participants to learn from the simulation itself and the debrief which follows.
Thank you to Simpsons Special Care Baby Charity for funding me to go on this fantastic course.

As part of our continued support of the Simpson Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh.



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