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Specsavers bake sale & knitathon Update

On 6th June, shoppers on Morningside Road had a unique opportunity to purchase some tasty treats and support Simpsons Special Care Babies.

The occasion was a Bake Sale, hosted by staff of Specsavers. The Bake Sale and ‘Knitathon’ was the brainchild of Specsavers Co-Director, Michael O’Kane in gratitude for the care given to his 5 year old daughter Sophie when she was born.

On his fundraising page, Michael wrote:

“We would like to celebrate our daughter Sophie’s 5th Birthday by thanking Simpsons Special Care Babies and the Neonatal Unit for all their amazing work when she was born three and a half months early and weighing 880g. It was an extremely difficult time, but thanks to the expert care and support from the staff at the hospital, Today she is a healthy, funny, intelligent and beautiful soon-to-be 5 year old!”

On Tuesday 8th October, Michael and Sophie presented their cheque to SSCB Secretary, Virginia Russell, along with around 200 hand-knitted items, including hats, cardigans, blankets and teddies, donated by Specsavers customers.

The Bake Sale raised a total of £660 – together with online and other donations, the total raised was £2,340.

Interested to help? See what fits for you - get involved with a charity event, alternatively volunteer by knitting for our charity.



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