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Turtle Tots Edinburgh Duck Race 2019

The wonderful people at Turtle Tots Edinburgh have been our longest standing corporate sponsor. Since 2016, they have been giving us quarterly donations and have supported us in several other ways, including attending fundraising events and donating prizes.

Refurbish Family Facilities

This year however, they have gone above and beyond to help us out with our campaign to refurbish the family facilities within the unit. Amongst other things, they have run marathons, swam the channel and held 102 duck races (adorable!) with the babies in their hugely popular baby swim classes, across the city.

This has all culminated in a fantastic fundraising total of £11,246.64! During the week, our trustee Lee and the clinical lead from the unit, Prof Ben Stenson, had the privilege of welcoming Karina Reinhardt, Director of Turtle Tots Edinburgh and baby Jed and his parents, to the unit. 

Jed was born on New Year’s Day, at 26 weeks and weighed just 2lbs 2oz. He spent 3 months in the unit, but is now home and doing really well - he was an absolute star for the photographer! Jed was the top fundraiser for the duck races, raising over £1000, so it was a pleasure to welcome him and his parents to the unit, with Karina, to present their, absolutely enormous (in more ways than one!) cheque. 

Turtle Tots

We can’t thank Turtle Tots enough for their support, corporate sponsorship and fundraising makes a massive difference to a small, volunteer charity like SSCB and we’re incredible grateful to all of our corporate sponsors.

Special thanks to Anna Moffat for the beautiful photos and to Viv Blair from Blended Marketing for getting this lovely story out there.

Interested in fundraising by doing a charity event in aid of SSCB?



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