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After a normal pregnancy, our little girl Alex was born at 27+4 at 2lb 14oz. She took us by surprise! I was a 29 weeker myself, and my father always told me about how I weighed “a bag of sugar”, but never did I realise the journey my parents had to make...

Alex spent 3 months in the Simpsons neonatal unit. She had a grade 4 intraventricular brain haemorrhage, so we spent a long time wondering how this was going to affect her. She also returned to the unit not long after discharge, to have laser eye surgery.

3 years on and Alex is a complete joy, and excelled our expectations. She is about to start pre-school nursery, and now has a little sister Tori, who made it to term with the help of a clinical research trial called OPPTIMUM. Alex is music mad, and loves Lady Gaga. She’s a fun toddler, always dancing and on the move! Her technological skills amaze us, and she can sure work an iPhone with ease!

We have had wonderful support from neonatal along the way, and although we are now discharged from neonatal care, we still remain to support Simpsons Special Care Babies, and made some wonderful lifelong friends along the way.


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