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Happy 40th Gary! Simpson Neonatal baby, Edinburgh SSCB charity

Edinburgh Charity Founding Members

Simpson Neonatal Unit

Peter & Sue Heatly, part of the founding members of the (now) SSCB charity are celebrating their son's 40th birthday! In celebration of this occasion they wish to further their support of the Edinburgh charity by setting up a JustGiving page.

Peter & Sue Heatly had the following to say:
Our son Gary will reach the ripe old age of 40 on Tuesday 27 September 2022. Some of you will be aware, some won't, that Gary was born 10 weeks premature and the first 7 weeks of his life were spent in Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital where he fought courageously.
A couple of years later, just after Gary's sister Louise was born, Peter ran the Edinburgh Marathon to raise funds for the Simpson's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. When we asked who we should give the money to we were amazed to be informed that there was no Charity to assist the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
As a result of this, we decided, with our good friends Marie Corvi (who we met when Gary was born) and her supportive sister Claire Hart, together with a few other parents and staff including Dr. Ian Laing, we initiated a group to talk over how we could help.
In early 1985 the Charity Friends of Simpson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (FOSNICU) was formed. Our aim was to raise funds to buy Intensive Care Equipment and to support Parents who had Babies in the Unit.
The Charity continues to this day and is now called Simpsons Special Care Babies. Learn more about the history of Simpsons Special Care Babies charity.
This Unit also benefitted our grandsons Finlay and Callan, due to their premature births.
As a way of celebrating Gary's 40th Birthday with us, we have set up a Just Giving Page and would appreciate it, if you are able, to contribute.
Best wishes
Peter and Sue Heatly


Learn more about Edinburgh SSCB charity, how your fundraising supports; Life Saving Equipment, Advanced Staff Training, Ground Breaking Research and Supporting Parents in the Simpson Neonatal Unit.



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