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IWCE members fundraise £2,552 for Simpsons charity

I was delighted to be presented a cheque on behalf of Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB) for the wonderful fundraising that the International Women's Club Edinburgh members have been undertaking throughout the year. Campbell and Hamish thoroughly enjoyed the biscuits and listening to your complimentary words.

Edinburgh baby charity SSCB

SSCB is made up of a small group of trustees who are 100% volunteers. Our aim is to raise funds to provide: equipment, staff training and research in the field of neonatology, and support and advice to the staff and families in the Neonatal Unit, complementing and enhancing that which is already provided by the NHS.

Small costs, big impact for families

So, what does this look like; it can be 'big ticket items' such as specialist equipment or smaller, meaningful items like ink pads for feet and handprints. The production of milestone cards which are relevant to our babies: "I am going wireless" and "I am breathing on my own" allow families to celebrate neonatal milestones.

Juggling life in neonatal care

I spoke of the 'mum juggle' and this was true of our 3 month stay in the unit where parents cannot possibly be beside the incubator day and night, as much as they would wish too. Thankfully, vCreate is a video app accessed on a device, nursing teams can send videos, photos and messages to families with general updates. Initially, this was funded by SSCB and now the NHS has taken on responsibility throughout all neonatal units in Scotland. Proudly, demonstrating the lasting impact of the initiative.

Why volunteering matters

Volunteering of time is also of importance and there are a series of knitting patterns available on the website to promote new knitting campaigns. From funding medical equipment to family well-being each aspect is carefully considered in how best we can support babies and families.

Ultimately, every donation is vital to maintain our work and continue as a successful charity. Thank you, the International Women’s Club Edinburgh, for supporting Simpsons Special Care Babies.

Emma Coffey Trustee


The International Women's Club Edinburgh



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