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Maxwell & Mila

I became aware of SSCB after my son Maxwell was born 8 weeks early in 2016.

I wanted to give back so after running the marathon for them, I then joined the committee.

My daughter Mila was born in January 2020, 7 weeks early. This is when I really got to appreciate the work that SSCB do.

As a petrified parent looking at your tiny 3lbs baby fighting for life you really appreciate the little things that help. The welcome packs provided by SSCB were so great to support my milk expressing, to read to my baby and support my son who’s baby sister had to stay in hospital. The chairs funded by SSCB for skin to skin allow you to comfortably bond with your baby. This is so important when you’re sore from an emergency birth and also scared to hold such a tiny child.

Being on the committee I was also aware of all of ‘big things’ SSCB fund such as research, equipment and staff support. It was clear being back in the neonatal unit for a second time the incredible impact SSCB has there in making life easier for the babies, their families and the staff!

I am eternally grateful for the work of SSCB and the staff in the Simpsons Neonatal Unit.


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