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Milestone cards & Communication Boards

On Friday 17th May, the Epic Families Team and Simpsons Special Care Babies introduced a set of very attractive Milestone Cards and Communication Boards to the Neonatal Unit.

The purpose of the cards is to give parents an opportunity to mark specific milestones in their baby’s progress through the Unit.

This is how it works:

  • The cards are displayed in a rotating card stand near the Staff Base

  • Mums can take a new card each time the baby reaches another milestone

  • Cards can be displayed in a plastic pocket, which will be attached to the wall behind each cot/incubator – each pocket will hold 2 A6 cards, side by side

  • As each card is taken down, it can be stored in a plastic zip wallet, which can be kept in the cot cupboard

  • When baby is ready to go home, mum can take the wallet, with the cards inside, home as a keepsake

The purpose of the communication boards is to provide staff and families with a space where they can leave messages for each other – this is particularly good for updating parents on what has been happening with their baby whilst they have been away.

This is how they work:

  • Baby’s name and names of family members can be written at the top of the board

  • The remaining space is designed for staff and family members to leave notes/reminders for each other: e.g. “I will be in at 10am tomorrow – I’d like to give (baby’s name) his bath” OR “Good morning, Mum and Dad – I was a bit lively through the night. I decided to wee all over my cot, so now I have a new bed”

  • The board hangs within easy reach on the handle of the cot or incubator

We are indebted to Megan Hicklin at Neon Magpie for her beautiful designs.


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