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Our son Isaac was born late January 2018. He arrived 3 months early and weighed 2 lbs. His journey has been a tough one and is JEJ fed and on oxygen at night still, 2 years on. This means that Isaac is fed through a feeding tube that is positioned in the small intestine.

Isaac was doing well the first few days of our Neonatal stay. He was on Nasal High Flow (respiratory support) and seemed to be making progress. On day 7, Isaac was diagnosed with Necrotising enterocolitis which had affected his intestines. He was given a 50/50 chance of survival. He then had an operation to remove 10cm of his bowel and had a stoma put in place for the next 6 months. We spent 94 days in Simpsons before being moved to Edinburgh Sick Kids.

The care Isaac received in both Simpson’s Neonatal and Edinburgh Sick Kids was second to none. The staff saved his life so many times and we could never thank the doctors, nurses and all the specialists that cared for our son enough.

Since getting home, we have called in a few times and the staff have remembered us every time. It wasn't easy and we had to take each day as it came, but all the nurses became our family and the neonatal unit was our home for 3 months. The nurses made life easier for us on a daily basis.


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