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"Winging it!" Children's story book pre-order

Doctor Rod Kelly & Emma Latham have kindly donated & produced "Winging it!" a children's storybook for Simpsons Special Care Babies Charity in aid of the Simpson Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh, at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The children's book is available to pre-order & help support the charity.

Written by Doctor Rod Kelly, part of the Neonatal Transport Team for the unit, and illustrated by Emma Latham, an experienced children's book illustrator.

Winging it! Children's story book
Winging it! Children's story book

Winging it!

About the book

32 page full colour children's book, perfect bookshelf size of 200mmx200mm.

For as long as he could remember, Paul had wanted to travel; to see new sights, to push boundaries, to explore...

"Don’t get me wrong, he loved his family, he liked his home, but he couldn’t help but feel there was so much more to see out there, far away across the ocean.

Life can get a bit repetitive for an Adélie penguin. Waddling down to the water, having a quick snack of krill, waddling back up onto the ice floe.

Day in, day out.

The same routine.

No surprises, no drama, no excitement."


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