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Bross 'Mini Baby' Bagels World Prematurity Day

Bross Bagels raise awareness with ‘Mini Baby’ bagels on World Prematurity Day with proceeds going to Simpsons Special Care Babies charity.

Edinburgh’s Bross Bagels have created Mini Baby bagels that will be on sale on World Prematurity Day, 17th November. The mini bagels will be available at all Bross locations across the city, with all proceeds going to Simpsons Special Care Babies, the official charity of the Edinburgh Neonatal Unit.

Each location will have a limited amount on sale, with a filling of your choice, priced at £3 per mini bagel.

Olivia Halvorsen-Gordon, a trustee at Simpsons Special Care Babies said:

"We are delighted that Bross Bagels are raising vital funds for Simpsons Special Care Babies charity on World Prematurity Day this year. Simpsons Neonatal looks after around 800 of Scotland’s smallest and sickest babies every year, and so many of us know someone who has had to spend time in a neonatal unit.
The funds raised will support a number of important projects at the unit, such as vCreate, a photo and video messaging service that allows parents to keep connected with their baby - something that is more important than ever during these uncertain times."

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