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Rod Kelly Author "Winging it!"

Doctor Rod Kelly has kindly donated his story for the SSCB Story Book - "Winging it!" The book is available to pre-order & help support the charity.

Doctor Rod Kelly Author

"Winging it!" is written & donated by Doctor Rod Kelly, who is part of the Neonatal Transport Team for Simpsons at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Rod's previous book, "Why Worry William Wasp" was also illustrated by Emma Latham.

I'm a former child, and current adult. I work as a paediatrician in the neonatal retrieval service. In between looking after babies in the back of ambulances, I try and think of kids’ book ideas to distract myself from getting travel sick.
Winging it! Children's storybook
Winging it! Children's storybook

About Rod Kelly children's book author:

View Rod's other work on his blog delayingtheinevitablebooks and tweet @rodkelly50.


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